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Ichifuji Architectural design and real estate
We're doing real estate brokerage and renting agency centering on Osaka-Prefecture in Japan.

I'm also preparing a choice property an area real estate.

Sakai City commissioned seismic diagnosis members enrolled.

Please feel free to contact us looking for real estate in Osaka

5-642-13, Otoriminamimachi, Nishi-ku, Sakai-city, Osaka
TEL 072-274-5602 FAX 072-284-7269


●When you think about moving  A good direction?I will divination your lucky direction
                     in divination that Kyusei pneumatically.
                     Good luck orientation diagnosis direction of choice,
                     please complete and submit the date of birth in the mail form.

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地方公共団体におけるリフォーム支援制度検索 Because I am a Girl 世界の女の子たちに、生きていく力を 国際NGOプラン・ジャパン

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